Reusable Safety Shield SSR170 1 Gang 30mm x100 inc. fixings (3006)


A protective shield used for the protection of fixed Electrical Installations In accordance with BS7671: 2018 IEE Regulations 18th Edition.

Product Information

SSR170 1 Gang30mm 100no
Pack of 100 complete with 3.5mm x 50mm screws 200

Sockitz safety shield BS5733 & BS4662 Certified
( Beware of Electrical products that are not BS5733 certified and not made in the UK but claim they are )

All our products have UK & EU Design Registration & are Patented and all are of superior design and fully tested to the meet all the industry standards including BS5733.

GB 2465646 Patent
GB 2457520 Patent

All Sockitz products have EU Design Registration & GB Patent and all are of superior design and fully tested to the meet all the industry standards including BS5733 & comply to BS4662.

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Made in the UK

Technical Information

Dimensions: SSR170 70mm x 70mm x 30mm

Test Specifications: Partial test to appropriate Clauses of BS4533: section 102.1:1990/EN60 598-2-1:1989 in respect of cable restraint and flammability of material.

Product Saftey Testing

Flammable Material: The sample material was subjected to the 650 degree glow-wire test of Sub-clause 13.3.2 of BSEN60598-1 using the test apparatus and test procedure described in IEC 695-2-1:1990 (fire hazard testing for electrotechnical products) After testing, the sample was examined with respect to 650 degree glow-wire test covers, shades and similar parts not having an insulation function referred to in Clause 4.15 of BSEN60598-1.

Pertinent IEE regs BS7671-2018 18th Edition and
17th Edtion : 17TH Edition Reg 522.4
17TH Edition Reg 522.4.2
17TH Edition Reg 526.5
17TH Edition Reg 421.7
Product Safety Testing


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